Libidn now uses Git

After getting more and more familiar with git, I now moved another project of mine to it. Libidn is not developed heavily anymore, but it is well-maintained, and it served as a good project to test my git skills on.


I have created a mailing list whose purpose is to discuss everything related to free software and the IETF, in particular themes related to copyright and patent. The idea is also to CC this list on discussions in various IETF areas that is relevant to the topic, so that everyone on this list becomes aware of what is going on. For example of useful things to CC are reviews (from a free software perspective) of documents in last call, and discussions in working groups related to patent/copyright decisions.

You may subscribe to the list.


Thought I’d let you know the reason why this blog has been silent for a while: Youbico. It is a new startup company that I’m involved in as head of R&D and investor. The idea is to sell a hardware USB dongle, the Youbico key, for user authentication. Initially we’ll target the OpenID community, but we are working with a number of companies looking to use the Youbico key for other applications.

That’s it basically. Again, check out our web site to find out more.