Laptop decision fatigue

I admit defeat. I have made some effort into researching recent laptop models (see first and second post). Last week I asked myself what the biggest problem with my current 4+ year old X201 is. I couldn’t articulate any significant concern. So I have bought another second-hand X201 for semi-permanent use at my second office. At ~225 USD/EUR, including another docking station, it is an amazing value. I considered the X220-X240 but they have a different docking station, and were roughly twice the price — the latter allowed for a Samsung 850 PRO SSD purchase. Thanks everyone for your advice, anyway!

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  1. I love my X200s, and I was really hoping I could piggy back on whatever you ended up buying! But now I think I’ll try to stick with it for a few more years too…

    • Heh.

      I am still looking for a laptop for when I’m on the road, though, so will probably end up buying /something/. But having played around with a Yoga 3 Pro for a couple of months, I have concluded that I need something much smaller. 13″ is really huge when you need to carry it around. The Asus X205 or maybe a Mac if it runs Debian decently…


  2. Good decision. Been there a while ago, and decided to buy an used x220 instead of fancy-schmancy x250 or so. 1/3 of the price, and is just better.

    I guess in wider perpective once one realises that buying a laptop is a brief dopamine shot and then years of work with using the damn thing, such decisions become the only way. problem is, 1% of us does realize.

  3. Hi Simon,

    the last few months I was also looking for a small, cheap laptop. Your post pointed me to the X201, and to make a long story short: Ordered a used one yesterday. Thank you very much for the hint!

      • Cool. Blessed by rms himself, and free from scary Lenovo stuff in the bios 🙂

  4. Same situation here, just not using any Lenovo. Exactly 4 years old laptop just like you and thinking: why should i really buy a new one if this is still pretty decent. I didnt buy a second hand though, will use this one until it melts 😀

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