OpenMoko Neo1973 order confirmed


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Linksys WRT54G3G + Huawei E600 + OpenWRT Kamikaze = Internet at summer house

Spending vacation at the summer house without Internet connectivity? Unthinkable.

Linksys WRT54G3GHuawei E600

The first few days, I connected the laptop to my cell phone using Bluetooth, and then to the Internet using 3G/UMTS.

However, we have more than one laptop here, and the range of bluetooth is limited. I ended up setting up a wireless access point with a PCMCIA slot for a 3G/UMTS card. It has worked flawlessly for several days.

The writeup on how to do this is long, so I put it at a separate page:

Update: I have written a similar howto for OpenWRT 8.09 and Huawei E220, see

Neo1973 / OpenMoko ordered

Only a few hours after the Neo1973 was launched, I placed my order for a Neo advanced. Even before it hit slashdot.

They still haven’t charged my credit card. They confirmed my order though, and also asked me whether I wanted a black/silver or white/orange.

I’ll blog about my progress with the device under the new tag ‘openmoko’.